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Inspired by fashion and textile, Amber has developed a passion for the art. She was thrilled when she first came into contact with the textile and hat industry during her study.

"The diversity and craftsmanship is definitely a challenge. I experience a lot of fun coming up with new creations. Here I like to use innovative techniques and unusual materials. "

She may have learnt the ropes of the trade from different designers, including Emmy Jaarsma, Jantine van Peski and Noel Stewart. This gained knowledge and experience have made her a true craftswoman.

"I want to bring the standard hats and the use of textiles to the next level. My work goes quickly towards couture, special, extravagant, but also subtle. This is my mark that I want to continue under my own name, Amber van Thull."

- P O R T F O L I O -

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